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EQ & Your Space

zenofficespaceI know most of you will likely never visit my office here in Charlotte, North Carolina…but if you did (and you’re all welcome to!), you would notice that all of my walls are covered  with pictures, mementos, artifacts, gifts, and like such. Now the fact that my office is decorated shouldn’t impress any of you. However, my office décor is not office décor … it is in fact a collection of very specific items that conjure a very specific experience and memory.  Continue reading

EQpowerment – Emotional Intelligence Achieved

EQbuttonLast week, we crafted a new white paper on EQpowerment. Please click here to read it.

Corporate Courage & EQ

courageI recently visited a large Fortune 200 company. The purpose of my visit was, in part, to process some challenging negative feedback that many middle managers had for their senior executives during their annual 360 Feedback Surveys. In talking with many of the senior executives, I found that their perspective was they were convinced that managers and leaders want the big title, the big role, the big compensation package, and the big office, but not the accountability that comes with it.  Several examples were given of deadlines and mutually-agreed specific, measurable goals left unmet by the middle managers.  In conversations with the middle managers, however, they provided–as might be expected–a dramatically different perspective. They argued that senior leaders were setting unrealistic goals and they were being forced to achieve the kind of success that would be considered tremendous in times of abundant wealth, resources, and time… but they were asking this of them during these tough times when people are being asked to do more with less and are in a gut-wrenching state of fear of taking risks. Continue reading

The Theory of Emotional Relativity

ApplesAndOrangesAbout 15 years ago, I wrote my first book and in it, I introduced a concept that I called “The Theory of Emotional Relativity.”  What I suspect many of you do not know about me is that I have an undergraduate degree in Physics. I have always been fascinated by deciphering why things are the way they are. What causes one thing do this, but yet, based on another set of circumstances (application of force, pressure, etc.) why does a different stimulus cause a different reaction? Continue reading

EQ and High “Athletic” Performance

Recently I started working with the head coach of a college basketball team. He is quite well respected and better yet, he is one of the truly good and nice coaches. He has been a coach for over 25 years and has been quite successful. Last year, he had a great team which for all practical purposes, underperformed. The issue was neither the athletic ability of the players nor his coaching. The issue was, according to him, that for some reason they got nervous and could not get over the hurdle of high expectations for both the individual players and the team. Thus, his call to me. Continue reading