Learning Moments

learningI can’t tell you how many times I have said to myself, ‘Every day I have a chance to learn something new and from at least one person I come in contact with.’ I mean just take inventory of your day yesterday — how many people did you talk to on the phone, how many emails/text messages did you craft or respond to, how many meetings (in person or virtually) did you attend? For working professionals, this number is around 100.  For me, it closer to 200 a day. At the end of each day or week or month, I rarely ask myself: What did I learn today? Who did I learn it from? How am I using this “lesson” to make myself, others, or my business better?

I confuse reading an inspiring quote with learning. I confuse a really productive conversation with learning. I confuse reading a good book with learning. But what is learning or new knowledge if there is no thought of incorporating that learning into your behavior, skills, daily actions to make yourself, others and your business better? If you’re not learning AND making subsequent changes, then you’re regressing. I have a good friend who played professional football in the NFL who says: If we’re not on offense, someone else is trying to score on us. If we’re not PROACTIVELY converting our learnings to make changes, no matter how trivial many of them may be, then the learnings are for naught.

My encouragement to myself, and you, is to draw a line somewhere towards the bottom of whatever you use everyday and leave a space for one or two bullet points. Write down in less than five words what you learned that day. At the end of the week, look at them and choose ONE of them to incorporate/practice the following week.  Learn to learn, learn to change, learn every day.


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