2010 Trends: Technology

2010 human capital trendsThe last two weeks we have discussed trends for the next decade in the human capital and professional development space. We explored exiting the recession and globalization. The third trend is, again, not a new one. And we have discussed this before.  We have talked about studies that show how “connected” we have become and will continue to be, all leveraged by very powerful collaborative technologies – both on the application side (iPhone’s ad: there’s an app for everything) and on the hardware side (just the number of devices that human being have and that are connected to each other is approaching 15 Billion).

I simply cannot underscore enough the impact of this technology on human behavior, on performance, and on business. Those of us in the human capital business focused on helping the workforce perform at higher levels simply cannot ignore this. I was at a large Fortune 100 company just last week and a top executive told me that “we’re simply not ready for technology to govern our interactions … and that scares me.”  Clearly I am not talking about using computers or cell phones … these are already archaic by some standards. I am talking the the web, and the collaborative technologies that foster accessibility to knowledge critical for making better decisions, in real time, no matter the issue or location.

This “Instant Learning” model has be a fundamental shift in learning and development strategies.  It will no longer be enough to simply create resources of information for learning, or to build on traditional event-based models (classroom style, whether in person or through eLearning). If all this learning is not accessible “at the point of need” by the person who needs it when they need it, then the knowledge is for all practical purposes … useless. From an EQ perspective, this technology-enabled change is fundamentally a behavioral change. It is the slow or rapid adoption of this new world that will determine progress and viability. For this reason again, I would argue that EQ has never been more relevant that now and even more so in the next decade.


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