High Potentials

highpotentialI saw the following from Human Resources Executive Online:

“High performers have been disproportionately affected by organizations’ responses to the recession. The 2009–2010 U.S. Strategic Rewards Survey by Watson Wyatt and WorldatWork found that employee engagement levels for all workers at the surveyed companies have dropped 9% since last year — but the number was nearly 25% for top performers. The number of people who said they would recommend that others accept jobs at their companies declined by nearly 20%.”

I wrote a blog on this at the beginning of the year predicting this very troubling data. We all talk about how “its our employees that make our company” or “our talent IS our #1 asset” — and yet study after study this year are showing that the #1 asset is becoming vulnerable. If the high potentials, the cream of the crop, our #1 asset, are feeling this way, what about the rest of the organization?

As we begin to wrap up 2009, this is a tremendous opportunity for employers, managers, and leaders to engage with their talent and rebuild, re-energize, and re-recruit their top talent, and others as well. I have always told my clients that the most difficult organizations to change are the successful ones who have had great years. Why? Because there simply is no burning platform to create that sense of urgency or rallying cry to march towards something better.

Well, most organizations today have a burning platform — and all that is needed is sound leadership to rally the troops around a better 2010. This window of opportunity will pass in about 2-3 months … and it may be too late then. So … as we start November and the holiday season in a few weeks, I urge you to take advantage of your burning platforms, and leverage them to shift the troubling statistics.


4 responses to “High Potentials

  1. This is the time for top talent and high performers to get the important things on the agenda, that they havewanted for so long. Times are changing and this is the moment to get going and transform departments, ways og working and introduce new ideas and standards.

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