Victim vs. Victimized

forgivenessvictimThis past weekend I spoke at an event. Fellow people of color were in the audience. That got me thinking… many of us were at some point or another victimized by others because of the color of our skin. Some of us in the room were the first people to endure such prejudice decades ago. What prejudicial actions other people chose or choose to do to us, whether you’re a person of color, a minority, or just a human being with some different outward characteristic, is what I call victimization — and we truly have no control over it. Not any more than having control over the weather.

However, whether we chose to become victims is another matter altogether. Sure being victimized generates anger, resentment, feeling of insecurity and revenge … but these emotions are heavy baggage to carry around. They, in fact, harm us even more. Choosing to continue to harbor them is choosing to be a victim. In this case, the perpetrators continue to win, we give them even more power by impacting how we think, react, and engage with others. Forgive them (whatever form that takes) because they are the ones with malice and prejudice but more importantly … so that you can get on with the important business of living life to its fullest, enjoying the richness of love, creativity, and passion for life. You have one shot at life like the rest of us … if you’ve been victimized, chose not to be a victim. Start now.


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