thanksgivingNext week is Thanksgiving … and of all the holidays, this is by far my favorite. I am originally not from the US, and never had experienced Thanksgiving until coming over here 20 years ago.  I marveled at how families, no matter how geographically dispersed they were in this vast and wonderful country, always traveled to be with each other. There were no gifts to buy, or fireworks to explode, or religious ceremonies to attend (not that there is anything wrong this these), but you just had to show up around people that you loved and loved you, and eat and talk.

A wise man once told me that the ONLY custom common to ALL cultures was the congregation around meals.  Every culture since time has come together to eat together, and invariably catch up on goings on.  This Thanksgiving, think of the spectrum of emotions you have gone through this year and share those with your family. Ask them about their experiences and emotions. Hug each other, kiss each other, hold hands, play with the young ones … and enjoy the oldest tradition. Enjoy the true beauty of being human.


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