Getting ready for 2010

It has been a long year for most of us.  The overwhelming majority of us have had a challenging year balancing the dynamics shifts of the workplace and the marketplace. In just about all conversations that I have had with folks from all over the world, there quite possibly has not been a more anticipated year end like 2009 – we all seem to be ready for 2010.  This optimism (an emotional state) is quite different than what most of us felt just 12 months ago when we had no idea how bad things were going to get with the incessant bad news that greeted us each day. The next few weeks, I will be discussing some trends that I am hearing across the board for 2010.  On Monday, Dec 14 I will host a short, 30-minute webinar on this very topic, 2010 – The Future of Professional Development featuring panelists Karie Willyerd, CLO at Sun Microsystems and Maggie Debner, VP of HR at Thomson-Reuters (click to register).

We already discussed the four major trends in previous blogs — let’s discuss some micro trends. One is from a conversation I had last week with a global organization that did their own research. One key change for 2010 — their employees want less communication and more connection. The communication they are referring to is the traditional one-way and top-down communication that has been the norm for many organization.  What they are looking for is to connect with everyone in their organization in a collaborative and non-hierarchical manner that allows them for feel more a part of the solution to the challenges uncovered in 2009.  I would argue this is one of those proverbial nuggets of wisdom we can all think about as we plan for and orchestrate our workforces in 2010.


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