What is it about Spring that suddenly makes everyone visible, go outside, and be a little more jovial than the winter? The temperature? The greener grass? The flowers blooming? Wearing a lot less clothes? Blue skies? All of the above?

Well, one topic not often explored in the space of personal growth much less professional development, is the impact that the environment has emotionally on all of us. The blooming flower has no physical connection to us yet the sight of a flower full of life in natural beauty really is “soothing” to some, and even inspiring to others. Conversely, it could be argued that the sight of dying plant or grey clouds could be bothersome.

The environment clearly has an emotional impact on us. If the environment can impact us and our performance, why don’t we choose to proactively seek out those positive “spring-like” environmental attributes and support its sustenance? The impact is obvious – but it is worth pondering how we can use that to our advantage.

Do we really have to wait until spring to look at a flower? Can we not keep one in our office? Can we look at our yards outside the office window or home window and do something to spice it up? My message this week is to enjoy spring. It’s been a brutal winter for many this year. Accept and appreciate the impact that the environment has on you.

Photo thanks to martinlabar

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