How To Win Friends & Influence People

Dale Carnegie Training is celebrating the release of their first iPhone/iTouch app by giving away 200 copies of How To Win Friends & Influence People. This book, for those of you unfamiliar, is one of the most successful nonfiction books of all time. The book, as well as the new app, incorporates Dale Carnegie’s human relations principles which have helped generations of people worldwide enjoy success in the workplace and in their personal lives.

The new Secrets of Success iPhone app brings to life the principles mentioned in the book, including easy to watch videos that illustrate the most effective way to implement these principles. The 99 cent app has easy-to-follow tips, techniques, and daily confidence boosters exclusive to Dale Carnegie Training’s workshops and courses. Users can keep their professional edge sharp and improve their personal and professional lives. More info on the app, including links to YouTube videos of the Dale Carnegie principles.

Use the app to get help with:

  • Enhancing your relationships with others
  • Gaining cooperation from others
  • Being a better leader
  • Reducing your stress
  • Conquering worry
  • Being more effective in the workplace
  • Team building
  • Time management
  • Coaching
  • Conflict resolution

How to win your FREE copy of the book How to Win Friends and Influence People:

To win this book, answer one of these questions in the comments section of this post:

  1. How do you define success?
  2. What will be important for success in the upcoming decade?
  3. What has been your secret to success?
  4. What advice do you have for future managers and leaders who wish to have success?

Disclosure – how the winners will be chosen:

  1. Everyone is eligible to win.
  2. The 10 most insightful comments will receive a copy of the book.
  3. If there are more than 10 insightful comments, the first responders will be given preference.
  4. If there are less than 10 insightful comments, a user of EQmentor (mentor or mentee) will be selected.
  5. The contest will close next Thursday, April 15, 2010.

We will contact the winners next week to arrange shipping information.

Note: the contest is now closed, but feel free to leave your success tips. Congratulations to Andrea Feinberg, Paul Cocuzzi, Linda Hickle, Pearl Thomas, Patrice Ciccarelli, Jennifer, Elaine Gagne, Roy Johnson, Dr. Hank, and Christina! Thank you all for your comments.


13 responses to “How To Win Friends & Influence People

  1. Success: being paid well for delivering new perspectives and possible outcomes to business owners that, in return, also adds to my understanding of how others think, follow through and thrive.

    What will be important: always checking in with what’s important vs. what’s expedient or urgent and ensure I give priority to the former.

    My key: stay true to my identified purpose, values and life goals and I’ll make others happy while achieving what’s meaningful to me – a win-win scenario.

    advise to future leaders: know how you personally define success and use that as your guide rather than the definition often promoted by outside influences; keep your ears, mind and heart always open and never use the phrase: “That’s how we’ve always done it around here” – a killer of dreams and new opportunities!

  2. Paul Cocuzzi

    I like to think of success as getting the things a person values; things like family happiness, good health, weath, inner harmony, fame, etc.

    As a person changes, and things of value are acquired, their definition of success will also change. Success, therfore, is a dynamic concept rather than a single event or fixed set of circumstances.

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  4. Linda Hickle

    The secret to my success has been balance and focus. Balance in work and life activities using meditation and positive affirmations. Balance in life with yoga and wonderful friends and creating a spiritual connection to the Universe. Balance in work with focus on what needs to be done each day, month, quarter, year, and decade. Staying in the present moment, cherishing the past and holding a positive,expectant attitude about my future.

  5. Pearl Thomas

    3.What has been your secret to success?

    2.What will be important for success in the upcoming decade
    • Analytical –Synthesize complex or diverse information; collect and

    • To perform in the work force successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies:
    research data; and use intuition and experience to compliment data to design work flow and procedures.
    • Generate creative solutions; translate concepts and information into theory; then use input and feedback to modify as appropriate; demonstrates attention to detail.
    • Problem Solving – Identify and resolves problems in a timely manner; gather and analyze information skillfully; develop alternative solutions; work well in group problem solving situations; uses reason even when dealing with emotional topics.
    • Project Management – Develops project plans; coordinate projects; communicate changes and progress; complete projects on time and within budget; manage project team activities.
    • Technical Skills –Assesses your own strengths and weaknesses. Seek training and development opportunities and strive to continuously build knowledge and skills openly sharing expertise with others.
    • Interpersonal Skills – Constanly focus on solving conflict, not blaming; maintain confidentiality. Listen to others without interrupting; keeps emotions under control; remain open to others ideas and be open to trying new things.
    • Oral Communication –Speak clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations; listen and get clarification; responds efficiently to questions. Demonstrate group presentation skill actively participate in meetings.
    • Written Communication – Write clearly and informatively editing work for completeness and efficience. Ensure that writing style meet situational needs and presents data effectively. You must consistently be able to read ,interpret and comprehen written and verbal information.
    • Teamwork – Balance team and individual responsibilities exhibiting objectivity and openness to others views. Gives and receive feedback that contributes to building a positive team spirit. Put the success of teams above your own interests. Demonstrate the ability to build morale link group commitments to goals and objectives Supports everyone’s efforts to succeed.
    • Visionary Leadership – Display passion and optimism; inspire respect and trust; mobilize others to fulfill the vision, providing vision and inspiration to peers and subordinates.
    • Change Management – Develop workable implementation plans; communicate changes effectively building commitment and overcoming resistance Prepare and support those affected by change. Monitor transition and evaluates results.
    • Delegation – Effectively delegate work assignments appropriately matching the responsibility to the person.
    Give authority to work independently; set expectations and monitor delegated activities; providing recognition for results.
    • Leadership – Exhibit confidence in yourself and others; inspire and motivate others to perform well; effectively influence actions and opinions of others.
    • Managing People – Includes staff in planning, decision-making, facilitating and process improvement; take responsibility for subordinates activities; make yourself available to staff; provide regular performance feedback; develop subordinates; encourage growth; solicits and applies feedback (internal and external); fosters quality focus in others; improves processes, products and services; continually works to improve supervisory skills.
    • Quality Management – Look for ways to improve and promote quality; demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness.
    • Business Acumen – Understand business implications of decisions; display orientation to profitability; demonstrate knowledge of market and competition; align work with strategic goals.
    • Cost Consciousness – Work within approved budget; develops and implements cost saving measures; contributes to profits and revenue; conserves organizational resources.
    • Diversity – Demonstrates knowledge diverse concepts, showing respect and sensitivity for cultural differences; educate others on the values of diversity; promote a harassment-free environment; build a diverse workforce.

  6. Patrice Ciccarelli

    The secret to my success is being an ENTHUSIASTIC LEADER!

  7. How do you define success? Success is relative to each person but my definition of success is the state of feeling content with the decisions you’ve made and your accomplishments. I feel successful when I am balanced in all aspects of my life and when I can share that success to help others.
    What will be important for success in the upcoming decade? In the upcoming decade it will be important to evaluate what’s really important to people. There are so many different paths we can take these days and it’s important to focus on what really matters to you and the little things that can make a big difference in your life as well as others. We need to get back to the basics.
    What has been your secret to success? I think the secret to my success has been to always reevaluate what is important to me and live in the present moment. You can get bogged down by being stuck in the past and constantly worried about the future. I try to keep the past and the present in mind, but not let it keep from enjoying and making the most out of the present. I also take every opportunity to grow and change that is presented to me. It’s important to keep an open mind.
    What advice do you have for future managers and leaders who wish to have success? I think future leaders need to also strive for their personal best and keep looking for their passion in life. Truly successful leaders have found their passion and are adept at sharing that with others.

  8. Success is when sleep well and awaken eager and happy to start the day.

  9. 1. Definition of Success … significant progress toward a worthy goal.

  10. Success is the ability to recognize that we are only affected by our thoughts. Our conscious mind has a black curtain in front of it where all origins are created out of our fear. Behind the curtain is the Light that evaporates this curtain and we see the Truth and our Higher Self. These Godly thoughts, no longer hid by our false perception, then create a Success that is filled with peace, joy, happiness, and love…living in Heaven right here on earth.

  11. The secret to my success: Persistence, positivity and simplicity in the work place.

  12. What will be important for success in the upcoming decade?
    Mutual Relationships will take precedence. Understanding our Mutual Interdependence to the extent that we value, respect, honor and exchange opinions with an Openness in our communications that does not destroy relationships. Searching for a deeper understanding of our mutual involvement in the known risks which in turn ultimately grow the rewards of our relationships.

  13. Paul Cocuzzi

    For success in the coming decade, I think it would benefit those who speak only English to learn another language, preferably Mandarin Chinese or Spanish.

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