Interesting that for the last two weeks I have discussed what “success” means to each of us–and most responses have been centered around our professional lives. This past weekend I had the great pleasure of attending my college reunion at Davidson College and in some cases, I had not seen some good folks in 20 years!

As we hugged and caught up, I was so humbled by how many of the questions we asked each other revolved around what we had been up to, our families, and to a much lesser degree, what we were doing now. So often, when we meet people, one of the first questions we ask is “what do you do?”

It was good to start so many conversations without that question and simply enjoy the fact that we all grew up together in that special 18-22 age range when so much our true journey from Child to Adult occurred. One of my friends said it best:

“To me, we will always be 20 years old to each other.”

Success? Could it be overated? Is our journey through life with good health and good friends underrated? I certainly felt so this past weekend. I love my friends and the feeling that I’ll always be 20 to them.


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