Last week, I had the pleasure of hosting Lance Secretan for a 30 minute interview. The key message was to lead by inspiring yourself and as a by-product of that, you inspire others. At first glance, this appears as not very insightful; a headline which has previously appeared on many books and articles.

But digging deeper, if we were to look at ALL the reasons in our past that we were at our best–whether at work or at home or in our social lives–the common variable seems to be not a certain age, geography, group of people, or resources available at the time… but a sense of “I can do anything.” This is a high state of self-esteem and confidence to accomplish something. Not many will argue with this.

So the real question is, How do we inspire ourselves in the face of daily challenges? How do we morph our emotional state to that feeling of empowerment as often as possible and for as long as possible? The first step is self-awareness–knowing when you ARE inspired and when you are NOT inspired. List 3-5 characteristics of yourself, your behaviors, when you are inspired and another 3-5 when you are not.

While this seems kind of silly and intuitive, I bet you don’t already have this list written out. And I bet you go through each day without really thinking about it. So, this week–inspired by Lance Secretan–I urge you to take your daily emotional temperature and simply assess which state you are in. If you’re inspired, great. If you’re not — can you expect anyone you meet to be inspired by you? What can you do?


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