Well–it’s official now. My fourth book is out, “EPowerment – Achieving Empowerment in the E World.” It’s been ten years since I wrote my last book and I’ve been asked several times when I would write again. I have hesitated to write simply for the sake of writing because I am not a professional writer.  I wanted to write until I had something unique and compelling to say.

The recession of the last 18+ months, the start of a new decade, unprecedented levels of unemployment, systemic re-thinking of how we do things, the dynamically changing landscape of the workforce and workplace all led to a perfect storm of creativity and collaboration. We know things aren’t going to be the way they used to be, but we also don’t know what the future holds.

In this context, it is challenging for an individual to subscribe to one school of thought, or to their craft, especially if both are becoming outdated. I see a ton of folks trying to “reinvent” themselves. I see organizations trying to do the same. Are there things that both can do to take advantage of this uncertain and changing world that are more ‘foundational’ and immune to these shifts? Yes. I believe one such concept is emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is a competency that will never be outdated and out of use and in fact, the very competency that can be most useful in dealing with change and others in it. To paint an analogy, that’s the Indian. The bow and arrow is the E World–the digital world we all live in now–and failure to maximize its advantages and impact on how we live and work can only hurt us both in the short- and long-term.

Embracing the electronic world, in all its form, with a high degree of EQ is a powerful way to feel empowered–or what we call, EPowered. This book talks about all this in great detail through case studies, interviews, researched data and collaboration from over 50 practitioners from all industries. I invite you to read the Introduction and 1st Chapter as well as learn more here.


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