Biography Leads to Biology

I was in Yoga class this past weekend and overhead this phrase, “biography leads to biology.” It struck a chord with me and many of the discussions I’ve shared.  

One lady was telling another how all the things that have happened to us and continue to happen to us, planned or unplanned, our biography in effect, lead to our physical and mental wellness. She gave an example of a bad marriage (biography) often leading to very unhealthy people (biology). I don’t think this correlation is particularly insightful, but the phrase is very catchy and easy to remember. In the context of the phrase, “biography” is a wonderful way to think about the events and experiences in our lives.

If you were writing your biography today, what would your story be? What would the headlines be? What would the top stories/chapters be? Would it inspire others? Would it inspire you?  How much of what happened did you actually orchestrate versus how much of it was just happenstance?

If you were to write you biography ten years from now, what would you want it to say? How much of that can you orchestrate? How much of it are you willing to leave to chance?

Now to the “biology.” Of the chapters in your biography, what were the experiences/events that lead you to be most happy/healthy? To be most unhappy/unhealthy? Are there ways to duplicate the former and avoid the latter in the next ten years of your biography? I might argue that this intellectual exercise can demonstrate how powerful the combination if IQ and EQ can be; to be smart enough to cogently think about your past and future but also be emotionally aware of the impact of your experiences on your well-being.

Photo thanks to Amin Allen Tabrizi

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