EQ, IQ, and A Few Good Men

I recently used the classic scene from A Few Good Men between Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson while speaking in front of a large audience on the subject of Emotional Intelligence [see below for video]. Many folks are challenged to appreciate the power of EQ in our daily interactions–not just in achieving  our own goals, but in helping others help themselves to achieve their own. Folks also tend to have a hard time distinguishing between cognition (rational and logical thought) and emotions.

This video shows how Tom Cruise’s character is able to “push the emotional buttons” of Jack Nicholson and coerce him to admit to being complicit in a murder, which under previous rational circumstance he denied. Those who start their actions and conversations from an EQ bent and subsequently use their IQ are truly the great ones. This is to live in a constant state of awareness and curiosity, incapable of being indifferent to injustice and mediocrity, and fully capable of making change in this world, in one’s own space of living.


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