Put House in Order

I reconnected last week with a business colleague who shared with me he had been diagnosed with cancer. This man is 34 years old and just had a baby last year.  Listening to him brought up emotions and thoughts that reminded me of the book I wrote about ten years ago on Stage IV Cancer.  I had to interview many people for that book who had Stage IV and whose death was imminent.

I remember being very powerfully moved myself as I listened to them and tried to capture their pure and incredibly authentic thoughts. I did not realize that I had forgotten what I had written in that book until this conversation last week.  I read my own book over the weekend and a flood of memories came roaring back. Of particular note was the idea that people who know they are about to die are actually lucky… from the perspective that since we are all going to die at some point, these folks have the benefit of orchestrating much of their time, activities, and relationships.  They can put their house in order if they so choose.

It made me think about whether my house was in order. And sure enough, it is not. I committed myself this week to attend to these matters urgently. I am not dying… but I’d hate to accidentally die tomorrow knowing I could have and should have done some things to improve the condition of my relationships and those I leave behind. I invite you this week to do the same.


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