Just a thought…

I am NYC this week and happen to be staying with a friend on the west side of Manhattan in Tribeca. The apartment is on the 43rd floor and directly in view is Ground Zero. As I write this, I can see all the construction work progressing and it’s still hard to imagine what this area went through over ten years ago. In the same glance—to the right—is a perfect view of the Statue of Liberty, and all the tourist boats circling it.  I am struck this morning at this juxtaposition. Two contrasting symbols in one view.  One of our capacity for destruction and another a timeless symbol of hope and prosperity. I don’t have any profound conclusions or recommendations for you this week … but wanted to share this and let you reach your own. Have a great week all.


2 responses to “Just a thought…

  1. Thank you for this thought. It is important for professionals to realize the many capacities of human beings. This insightful post makes me really think – and I appreciate that.

  2. Thanks Izzy, Your thoughts are mind centering about our advancements and our poverties. Joe Sasso

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