Monthly Archives: September 2011

Emotional Root Cause

A few weeks ago, a well-known female athlete flew in to see me. She had been playing very poorly since April this year and had lost her confidence and was ready to write this year off. She said she had a hard time focusing and getting motivated when not playing well. She was desperately looking for ways to focus and get motivated. Continue reading

Grief – A Powerful Emotion

Yesterday, I attended the service of a friend, Lisa Marie Meloni, who died last week. Lisa was an only child, never been married, and lost a two-year fight to cancer. Her parents had moved to take care of her. Lisa was truly one of the nicest people I’d ever met, and I can’t seem to recall any time that there was not a very contagious smile on her. Continue reading

Personal Capacity

Last week I spoke with several groups and an emerging theme regarding personal capacity arose. This is not new. The idea that we, as working professionals, spend a significant portion of our day in meetings, responding to emails, on conference calls, and putting out fires leaves very little time to be proactive, strategic, innovative, and to feel like we’re growing. Continue reading


I had a wonderful exchange with Joe, a colleague and client of mine. The topic of resilience came up and he defined it as the “ability to stay productive under stress.” I loved the definition. Continue reading