New Realities

Last week, I was in the Bay Area on the west coast meeting with partners and clients. It’s always nice to be around some cutting-edge and forward-thinking folks. One of them is Stu Winby, who also happens to be on the EQmentor Board. Stu is a thought leader and works exclusively with Boards and the “C” suite on new forms of collaboration and innovation.

His article Adapting to New Realities was incredibly insightful. The ideas of ‘internal adaptive work systems’ as the new organization model based on facilitated networks to yield business results is not just a repackaging of old, but a profoundly differently way to look at work itself.  Solutions are generated in networks, tasks are completed in networks, jobs are redesigned in networks, and value is created. This is very similar to what I used to do as a consultant at Deloitte and Andersen where I showed up at a client site meeting people who worked in my firm but from different offices across the world and with different backgrounds. We came together at a client to bring the best possible network and charge enormous fees to do so. Organizations, Stu argues, should be ready to adopt this model if they want business performance, and especially innovation.

Stu will be speaking on Wednesday at Cisco (logistics below) and I will be attending and would welcome your joining in.

Turning on a Dime:
Flexible Strategy Design Relies on Adaptive Networks

Wednesday, October 26, 3:00-6:00pm
Cisco TelePresence Suite, 3979 Freedom Circle, Santa Clara, CA
( WebEx option and San Francisco Telepresence also available)
Learn More


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