Monthly Archives: November 2011


Last week I had a healthy discussion with the President of my alma mater. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that “entrepreneurship” is being considered as part of academia and is considered a skill set that undergraduates can be taught. Continue reading

Change the Conversation

Last week, I talked with several young people who were looking for jobs. The group–largely in their 20s–seemed a little bitter that their hard work in college and the significant financial investment made by their parents only landed them back at home. Some recent surveys show as high as 80% of this age group living with their parents and the unemployment for the same group at slightly over 30%. Continue reading

Workplace Thanksgiving

I love this time of year. Thanksgiving is next week and it’s my favorite holiday. Families travel to be with family without the stress of getting gifts or celebrating anything but a good meal and the company of loved ones. They tell each other new stories, the same stories, hear about highlights and lowlights, and do it all in a safe environment without any real agenda. I’ve been told that the tradition of gathering together for a meal is not only a universal one but also one that we’ve practiced generation after generation. For many, this can be the only time of the year that we get together with our extended families and friends. It’s a special time. Continue reading

Learning Again

I received quite a response to last week’s blog. So I thought I’d add some more context. The topic is learning: continuous learning has been a widely heralded organizational and personal mantra. It is hard to argue against it. Why wouldn’t anyone not continuously look for ways to learn? We’re living in a flattened world with fewer barriers to knowledge, other people, other communities, and other experiences. It has been argued that those who learn best in a knowledge economy are modern-day gladiators who will withstand and profit from the fast-changing world. Continue reading