Last week I had a healthy discussion with the President of my alma mater. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that “entrepreneurship” is being considered as part of academia and is considered a skill set that undergraduates can be taught.

As I work with clients in corporate America, I hear more and more senior executives stressing the need for their employees to “think like entrepreneurs.” The term is no longer exclusive to traditional entrepreneurs or small business owners or graduate business schools. There seems to be growing realization that everyone needs to either be one or at least think like one.

In a global and knowledge economy, it makes even more sense that successful workers are those who are able to take advantage of constant changes, view them opportunistically, find ways to create and monetize them, and not be limited by an 8-5 timeframe or levels of bureaucracy.

Throw into the discussion that almost all retiring baby boomers want to be entrepreneurs and have a 2nd or 3rd career where they “own” the business, and the fact that young college graduates seem so unqualified for the jobs in demand, and I am fully convinced that everyone does need to think of themselves as an entrepreneur. In fact, I am not sure there is a choice.

I invite everyone to consider this week how it is that you can become entrepreneurial in whatever you are doing. For a resource on this topic, check out EFactor, the largest entrepreneurial community in the world (it’s free to join). Start there and explore the resources and possibilities.


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