There have been dozens of studies over the past few years validating the correlation of optimism to success, however you define the latter. Optimism is not as abstract a concept as you might think. We typically refer to optimists as the “glass is half-full” people as opposed to other “glass is half-empty” ones.

It is my contention that optimism is, in fact, the outcome of very high self-awareness, both of oneself and everything around us. And self-awareness is a measurable dimension of Emotional Intelligence. I argue that the more self-aware you are, the more “glasses” you actually notice around you (metaphorically).

Perhaps not all of them will be half-full to you, but certainly a lot more of them will be if you compare that to someone else who hardly notices “glasses” around them at all. Those who don’t notice many glasses around them simply travel through each day, reacting as best as they can to the stimuli.

But if you simply choose to notice more… more of your experiences, more of other people, more of events, more of time, and more of your constantly changing emotional temperatures and those of others, then you are noticing more glasses.

Take a look at this video from Yahoo! –

It is a year-in-review for 2011. Ordinary people–like you and me–accomplished amazing things. I am fairly certain that their success did not happen by chance, but instead by choice.

Make a choice to notice more. Make a choice to think of the better consequences of your experiences and worries (optimism). Make 2012 a amazing year, perhaps the best of your life thus far. I am optimistic for you!


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