Movie Review–The Way

I try to keep my blogs focused on professional development using mostly peer-reviewed or evidence-based research. I have found that this approach takes subjectivity out, minimizing opinionating, and makes it a lot easier to talk about the very things we have been talking about for decades. I’ll deviate from this approach this week. Out last week on DVD at your local movie rental place is the movie “The Way” starring Martin Sheen. My good friend Tom had recommended it to me last year and after I saw it, I was moved in a way that only a great story can move me. There was a full range of emotional experience manifested in the 90 or so minutes of the movie. The parallels between the movie and so many dimension of human life cut across culture, religion, geography, and professional vocation. If you get the chance, go rent it this week. Enjoy a good story and the priceless lessons in it.


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