The Value of Learning

Just saw the following in an alert from HBR:

Employer-provided training has the same effect on job satisfaction as a 17.7% net wage increase, according to a study of nearly 5,000 workers in Spain by Santiago Budría of the University of Madeira. Other studies showing low productivity gains from training are overlooking the subjective benefits of on-the-job learning, Budría suggests.

My last book, EPowerment, discusses this topic. I argued, along with many others, that the successful working professional will not be the one who has accomplished a lot in the past, but the one who is constantly learning.

The challenge with learning is often to unlearn what worked in the past, and to modify it, more so than to learn something new. More and more workers are appreciating this. In the past, learning events might have been viewed as semi-vacations or a time to get away from the daily grind. Today, workers are using these events to not just proactively learn but also to network heavily.

Some conferences are offering breakout sessions without speakers. Instead, these sessions are specific to an area of expertise with a room set-up similar to a “speed-dating” space for people to network exclusively. These have become more popular than traditional sessions with speakers. Workers are recognizing that network is equal to professional networth. Training and learning have also become essential dimensions for growth. Budria’s observations are no surprise and leaders should take note.

This week, carve out 10% of your work time to learn something new about your industry, or to meet someone new. Better yet, help someone else achieve this.


3 responses to “The Value of Learning

  1. The concept of a speaker-free breakout session (speed-dating format) is attractive – not only for networking but as an opportunity to learn one-on-one from an industry colleague. It provides an opportunity to address very specific issues in short mini-mentoring sessions. Interesting!

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