Change Management 2

Last week’s blog generated a great deal of healthy discussion and I appreciate all the notes. A key point in managing change is what approach to use for a change event.

The graph below is something I have used for years. It’s quite simple. The vertical axis captures two functions – the number of face-to-face interactions recommended (as opposed to emails or virtual communications) and the frequency of these communications. The horizontal axis is the magnitude of change. This is a subjective determination and is best done by simply asking: How different will things be; how large is the difference between how people used to do things versus how they will be doing things?

The graph recommends that the greater the impact of the change, the more frequent and longer face time is required to effectively manage that change. The mistake that is often made is that perhaps the same level of change management is used for all change events. Worse yet, the time of communications is not appropriate for the level of change.

Use this graph this week especially if anything that you are doing is going to impact someone else’s job or role. Determine first the severity of that change and from there, gauge the amount of time, resources, and change management it will take to successfully orchestrate the change.


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