Work Conversations

I try not to discuss our business in these blogs and in fact I think this may be the first time I am doing so. I am making an exception this week because last Thursday, I had quite possibly the most rewarding day of my professional life (with perhaps the exception of the first Impact Day I led at Deloitte about 13 years ago!).

I was at a client site for their “Graduation Ceremony” – they had put about 20 women in middle management positions into the EQmentor program last Summer and all wrapped up the one year program recently. Part of the ceremony included a panel discussion of five participants sharing what they had learned and how that learning was still in practice today. It was very powerful, as you can imagine.

One participant’s comments however, stood out for me. She said, “Before this program, all my conversations at work with my team was about work. We got work done but I never felt connected to anyone and vice versa. Through my mentor, I learned it was OK to talk about a sick child or parent or other issue or even share personal success. To my surprise we began to bond. Now when we go to lunch, we have a rule – no talk about work.”

She shared how both her and her team had found this new way of working together that was infinitely more productive, and also more enjoyable. Most importantly, she said she was having similar conversation at home too now and never wanted to return to the old way of working or living.

This week, I urge you to embrace her learning. Go have some real conversations. I am certain you will have the same outcome as she did.

One response to “Work Conversations

  1. I completely agree that connecting on a human level can greatly deepen professional interactions and create a much more welcoming space to work in. It is something I am still working on, especially when stressed.

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