Increasing Your Probability of Success

Take a look at the graph below summarizing the findings of a study by Dr. Gail Matthews.

I posted this last year and it is still relevant this year. This week, ask yourself, which group you belong to with the goals you have already set for 2013. What can you do to move into Group 5 and increase your success rate of achieving those goals?


One response to “Increasing Your Probability of Success

  1. I’m always torn on this issue. There are counter studies indicating that those who keep goals to themselves are more likely to succeed (this guy writes about it here and has a bunch of links While I wouldn’t doubt the efficacy of thinking about goals, writing them down, and regularly assess progress, the claim regarding sharing goals is that it creates you announce your intention it creates a premature sense of completeness.

    I wonder if in the study you cite, because of the sequential nature of the goal behaviors assigned to each group, that by the time it gets to group 4 and 5 we are already looking at groups with strong sets of goal behaviors that would increase the chances of success regardless of whether the goals were shared or not.

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