Others’ Goals

connectedconversationsThis is the time of year many people process goals – both their personal ones (new year’s resolutions) and professional ones at work. Last week, I blogged about working with others to help you accomplish your goals. This week, and with the assumption that you have already crafted your goals, written them, and shared them with someone, I would like you to consider one more personal and professional goal. And that is to pick about five people that are important to you, and ask them what their goals are for 2013. These people are important to you, to your happiness and to your professional success at work. It may be your spouse, significant other, child, co-worker, or boss. Everyone has goals they want to accomplish. We tend to focus so heavily on our own goals and how we get folks to help us achieve our goals, that we forget both what can be an incredibly rewarding experience (of helping someone else achieve their goal) as well as yet another investment in your own success. If you can help someone achieve their goal, the odds are high that they will not forget you and in fact, want to help you with yours. Everyone would increase their probability of achieving them if they proactively helped someone else.

This week, take inventory of your personal and professional lives. Pick those five people and talk to them about their goals. It might be via an email, a phone call, lunch, or dinner. Then make it a goal of yours to help them with at least one of their goals. It might be as simple as volunteering to meet with them quarterly to merely ask them how they are doing against that goal or perhaps much more. I guarantee you this – you will be surprised by what they tell you AND you will be able to help.


One response to “Others’ Goals

  1. Another way to organize this same idea is to form your own mastermind group. Meeting regularly for accountability, support and ideas will foster your own growth, but also, contribute to the growth of the other participants.

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