The Goal Post Model

Goal%20post%20200%20x%20200I often make references from the professional athletes I work with to the corporate world. Here is one that I have used with success with athletes from many sports. It’s called the Goal Post Model and is quite simple. Professional athletes spend well above 75% of their time practicing and only actually performing the rest. For Olympic athletes, training can last many years for a performance that lasts just a few seconds or minutes. So training can be monotonous, as life at work can be sometimes. There are parts of your jobs that are necessary and important, but boring and repetitive. This is where the Goal Post Model can help.

As you can see in the picture, the goal post looks like a tuning fork. After every training, I have my athletes and coaches draw the goal post in their note book. They write down on the bottom left side, things that went well in training, and on the right side, things that did not. Then on top of the goal post, they write down what they learned and might want to do to different for the next training session. They do this immediately after their training, and review it just before their next training session whenever it may be. This model converts mundane activity into a learning activity, and allows them to focus during the next session. It is that simple and the results have been fantastic.

This week at work, after your conference calls or meetings, take just a minute or so and apply the goal post model. If you have a meeting at say 10AM and another at 2PM, use the model after your 10AM and apply it to your 2PM. You will be surprised at what you can learn from your 10AM and how much better you 2PM will be. It is always fun in the End Zone!


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