Fear Not


officespaceIf you have bought or sold a home in the past 5 years or so, then you are familiar the concept of virtual tours of homes. For example, your realtor might send you a link to a home that, from the convenience of wherever in the world you are, you can tour that actual home via a real video walk-through.  You can imagine the countless hours and weekend time this new method has saved all parties.

 While doing some research for a project last week, I learned that architects do the same thing for clients who are looking to build or redesign their workplace. I got to virtually tour many office spaces across the world. I saw one that had a huge sign on its wall shortly after you enter the front doors. In large letters, it read "what would you do today if you were NOT afraid?"

In several previous blogs, I have talked about how the workplace consistently shows up in surveys as one of the places where people are most fearful and guarded, how fear (cortizol) is the most powerful emotion of all, and how fear inhibits almost all the attributes leaders espouse for a healthy environment for work and living. So I was particularly impressed that this company chose to address this elephant-in-the-room concept so explicitly.

This week, I invite you to ask yourself: what would you do if you were not afraid today? Make a list. If you are brave enough, ask your team or employees the same question. Your gift for doing this will be comparing the two lists, yours and theirs, and realizing how similar they are.



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