Father’s Day

FDayYesterday was Father's Day and along with so many dads, I was showered with warm love from my kids.

I wish they knew the truth about boys growing up to be men, and men growing up to be Dads. That is that kids are the best gifts any parent or specifically, any man can get. As males, we often get the short end of the stick when it comes to experiencing the true joys, and the power of emotions, in life. But what else in life can you love and want to love so unconditionally? What else in life do you want to work so hard for and to provide for? What else in life can be so tolerant and forgiving of you? What else in life will love you forever? What else in life can you enjoy worrying about everyday? What else in
life is there whose success you more enjoy than everything you have ever done? What else in life truly demands your best?

My two Children are an amazing gift to me. Nothing has increased my overall EQ (including what I use professionally ) more than a constant pursuit of trying not make mistakes with them.

This week, make a list of what your children do for you. Once you've done that, write down next to each item on your list whether that item is related to your EQ. And finally, note whether those same items would make you better at work and at other dimensions of your life.


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