I see GREEN people

coloredpeopleI had a wonderful conversation with a wonderful friend last week. At about the two hour mark, I got asked how it is that I assess people I meet. I have been asked that question before by others and myself. The process has evolved over the years.

My honest answer is that today, I see just about every person and in fact, every situation, in colors. I don’t anymore see men or women, height, weight, title, wealth, or really any attribute visible to the naked eye. I see all people as green, yellow or red creatures. I’ve described these colors before and written about them in my books. These colors are emotional states, and have very little to do with those visible attributes.  For example, someone smiling does not mean she is a green person, or another who is crying is not necessarily a red person. Red people are generally unhappy, and have been for a very long time.  They abuse others, either explicitly or implicitly, or what is more common is that they allow themselves to be abused. Yellow people, most of us, are a melting pot of all kinds of experiences, good and bad, and depending on people around us or situations can become green or red. Green people, like yellow people, also have had all kinds of experiences but they have incredible EQ that allows them to navigate through every situation as a learning opportunity to enhance their EQ, and ultimately their life and of those around them.

You will be working with all three kinds of people. The trick is to recognize them, not judge them, and then use your EQ to convert every person and every situation into a green situation that allows all to have a safe, creative, fearless, and productive experience.  This week, make an effort to mentally color all the people you meet in green, yellow or red. How many are present in each experience? This upfront EQ exercise will give you a good sense of how productive your session will be. Think of something you can do to convert as many to green.  Be courageous and creative. Seek help from the green people around you. Keep at this, day after day, and you will become a green person.


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