Contagious Colors

greenppleMy last blog generated quite a healthy set of discussions over the past couple of weeks. One idea that I left out of that blog but quite important to the concept of all people being emotional creatures, and essentially three types of emotional creatures (Green, Yellow & Red), is the fact that all three have very powerful contagious powers.  So powerful, in fact, that they work often times without explicit intention. If your boss is a green person, for example, the kind of work life you are going to have is likely to be dramatically different than if she is a red person. The price tag for working for or with red people is quite expensive as they unknowingly and in many cases, unintentionally, turn green people to yellow or yellow people to red. This stress then overflows into personal and family lives too as the previously green person, who is now yellow or red has  become contagious to loved ones outside of work too.

This cycle often happens the other way around.  You can be a green person but because of a spouse or other loved one that is red in your life, over time you become a yellow or red person yourself, and then take this emotional state to work and infect those around you there, who in turn contaminate all the people they come in contact with.  We do a great job of looking at people and quickly assessing how rich/poor they are, how good looking or fit/unfit they are, what their titles are, and so on. However, we do a terrible job of listening to our inner wisdom, our emotions, to recognize people as red, yellow or green – the one attribute about others that can actually impact us.

This week, observe only yourself. Observe your changes in colors when you meet someone who you label as green versus meeting someone you label as red. How do you feel after each encounter? Does one make you more happy, creative, innovative and collaborative than the other? The trick is not just to recognize people in these colors but to also figure out ways to turn yourself green after meeting the red and yellow people. Avoiding them entirely is unrealistic. Emotional Intelligence is the skill set that allows you to constantly aware of the colored state of yourself, others, and how to proactively turn all into Green.


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