Just ask …

askThere are countless stories in the workplace of successful products, innovations and business practices. I am certain there are many in your organization right now. Did you ever wonder how that happened? Where they came from? Who caem up with the idea? How did they do it? If you have been around long enough, think back, and if not, ask someone who has been around a while. You might be surprised to learn that most, not all, of the things that make your work life easy or comfortable did not come out of some major think tank or require a massive amount of capital. They came from people who saw barriers to their work life, had ideas and somehow found a way to institutionalize them.

This week, as a leader, send out an email or spend the last few minutes of every call or meeting that you are in and just ask: What can we do to make our work life better? It is a very simple question, but a powerful one that can help increase morale, empower folks, and actually result in change. You are likely to get a ton of responses. Some will be impractical, some will be unaffordable, but there are bound to be a few that are easy to implement and have a positive impact. If this possibility exists, and I say it absolutely does, then it is worth asking. You will thank me later in the year!


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