Your Leadership Brand

brandWhen you think of any great athlete you admire, there is usually one or two adjectives you think of when you describe that person. The same could be said of your favorite actors, each one having a different set of descriptors. If you extend this thinking to the workplace, there are some good leaders in your organization at all levels that you have met that you can find words or phrases to best capture what you like about them.  Think of these terms as brand labels for each person.

Conversely, you can think of athletes, actors, and leaders who you despise for whatever reason. May be you do not like a basketball player because he is arrogant or an actor whose work you think is terrible or a leader that you hope you never get to work with again. Though negative, these are also brand labels for each person.

This week, explore your brand label. Is it what you want it to be? How did you get that label? What set of activities or behaviors do you exhibit that supports that brand? If you want that label to be different, what can you do to change it?  Just as athletes and actors have brands that attract or repel fans, so do you in all you do. Their brands however, are often built on very public performances and extensive media coverage. Yours’ is built entirely on how you conduct yourself with each person. Your brand is your making. And yours to change.


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