Workplace Inefficiency 2

wkplaceIn my last post, I discussed workplace inefficiency and recommended taking inventory of tasks both for yourself as well as for people that you collaborate with. I trust you did the exercise and if you did, I am fairly certain you were surprised at just how much time you and others spend on menial activities that just do not result in anything productive but are viewed as ‘business as usual.’

This week, review that inventory again and then generate two additional lists. It is fairly common for folks to start their day or week with a ‘to-do’ list – a set of items that need to be done. I have no problem with this list and often make it myself. The first list to make is that of people and activities that are productive. In other words, meeting with these people or performing these activities often results in positive outcomes. The second list is the contrary – make a list of people and activities that are unproductive and leave you more negative than positive. The idea is to take charge of your day, your productivity and your state of being by being proactive in doing activities that are positive and consciously avoiding those that are negative. I get that some negative people and meetings are just unavoidable and in those cases, limit your attendance to 30 minutes or less, attend virtually or send a representative. Take charge of your time – you will be very surprised at this very simple and incredibly effective way to become much more efficient with your time.


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