Father’s Day

FathersDaysAs an executive coach, I have had the great privilege to work with amazing leaders across the world from all walks of life. Regrettably, many of them do not have healthy relationships with their children. My mantra has always been that success in one dimension of life that occurs at the expense of another is not success.

Sunday is Father’s Day. If you are a father, then it is a day spent reflecting on both your Dad as well as your children. The “reflection” can be emotional, and the memories of both are often regarding experiences where signature emotions occurred – both positive and negative.

This week, take inventory of some of the emotions you feel when you think of your Dad. Are they positive or negative? What experiences stand out? Write them down. If you are a Dad, take an additional inventory of your relationship with your kids. Have your kids made you a better person? What experiences have you had with them that you are grateful for? What experiences would you want a “do-over” with them? What do you hope will happen to them in the next year?

EQ and emotions are not all the same. The trauma of losing a job pails in comparison to the trauma of losing a child or losing quality of relationship with them. In almost all cases, great business leaders are people with incredibly healthy relationships with their children. The emotional freedom that comes with their true love and respect is priceless in having the courage to make difficult decisions in the workplace especially those regarding unhealthy folks and ideas. Said bluntly, if you are not a great leader (Dad) at home, you are not a leader anywhere.

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