That “one experience” …

lightbulbI am fortunate enough to have a profession where having authentic conversations is part of my job. I hear many stories from very accomplished people. What they have in common is well researched and documented already and of the many shared attributes of these folks, I enjoy listening to that ‘one experience’ they all have after which, their self confidence is impenetrable. It may waiver from time to time with failure and success, but the belief that they are special enough to do great things is forever imprinted in their DNA.
What these stories have in common is what I call “the one experience.” It may have been a fear of speaking in front of a large audience. They can tell me of the time when “it” happened – everything went well and they were never afraid of it again. Athletically, it may be the first marathon which was previously an inconceivable proposition and then after, they cannot wait to do more, and do them faster. If you paused right now at this point of the blog and took inventory of your life experiences, I bet you could think of one yourself.
Now, as positive as all this sounds, what should be troubling is that we do not have enough of these and in fact, do not actively pursue them, and they pile up on the proverbial regret list. Yet, if you think again of your “one experience” in whatever endeavor it occurred, you would be hard-pressed to find logical reasons why that cannot happen in other areas of your life.
This week, begin the process of orchestrating a new “one experience.” Find a youtube video, an article, a person, anything … of someone already doing what you want to be able to do. Study it. Get a coach. Practice it. Copy it.  Stumble and fall. Use these interim failures as stepping stones to that “one experience” you know will happen.


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