happyOne of the pleasures of my job is I get to have meaningful and substantive conversations with people within the context of my being a coach and the other party being someone who has hired me to help them. I am an executive coach, not a therapist, so my clients are people who are very intelligent, talented and generally successful but not happy. I have seen quite a shift in the “knowledge” of these folks over the past 10 years or so. With social media and abundance of easily accessible knowledge via the internet, it is infinitely easier now for folks to find information in all kinds of format (pictures, video, stories, blogs, etc) that they can relate to that is quite specific to their unique point of journey in life. So when I talk them now, they are already well-equipped with insights and best-practices. They even send me all kinds of material saying “this is what I need to be doing” yet their ability to actually do it, to make changes to their lives that they know will have positive impacts, remains inexplicably low. I am now seeing people living in two worlds – one in which they have a clear picture of who they want or wish they could be and the other being the world they currently live in. It’s almost as though the clearer the former is, the more unbearable the latter is coming.

There are many ways to begin to bridge the gap and the right way really is different for everyone. Timing, size of gap, risk averseness, courage, finances, options, etc., are just some variables to consider. But there is not a single way to bridge that gap that does not involve making some kind of change. Not one. The idea of the status quo being status quo is really not true at all from an EQ perspective. The status quo is in fact quite detrimental as it usually inflicts more wounds, and only makes it harder to make change. A good starting point is what I call the “One-A-Week” method. Simply put, it is doing just one thing different each week whose outcome is more aligned with your “happy life.” It can be as simple as reading one chapter of a book genre you enjoy, to taking a lunch walk, talking to a friend, eating at a new restaurant, changing some décor in your home, climbing the steps instead of the elevator, etc.

This week, make a list of ten items that are in your “happy life” but not in your “current life.” Of them, which one can you do this week. Do the same every week. Just one thing…just once a week…just start doing so that your knowledge of happy translates into actual life of happy.


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