Choose your 2015 Competition

competitionI want you to pick your competition for 2015. Go ahead – write it down. Who do you want to be better than in 2015? If your answer was another human being, then you have under performed already and arguably already lost.

Whoever you listed as your competition, are the very people you have already given power over you. In your mind, you have convinced yourself that beating them is your success. What if you beat them when they were having an off-day? What if you beat them but the price of that for you was a regret? What if you beat them and that point was still well below what you are capable of doing? What if you lose to them but did your absolute best? What if you lose to them before it was really over and gave up? What if you lose to them and are much happier with your effort than they are with their victory? The answers to all these questions are a lot more complicated than if you simply changed who you decided was going to be your competition for 2015. What if you competition was a stretch goal for yourself – What if your goal was to be better than you have ever been at what you do? What if your goal was simply to get the most out your mind, body and skills each day – to be able to look at yourself on your drive home and say,”I did my absolute best today. I gave it all I had. No regrets.”

My argument is that you will undoubtedly go farther by making yourself your competition than by picking other people as your competition. This week, look around you and the people you work with or traditionally compete with, and take back the power you gave them – invest that energy instead in making yourself the absolute best on every single day in 2015.


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