Do versus Change

Change-management-communicationA CEO asked a senior executive candidate in an interview what she changed at her last job? The candidate gave a list of all the things she did. The CEO politely asked again,”No. I didn’t ask what you did. I asked what you changed?” The candidate was not prepared for this question. She did not get the job but years later, when she became a CEO herself, she talked about how that question changed the way she “did” her job.

 Certainly, there are parts of everyone’s job that require you to “do” but the “doing” has to result in a positive change, she now argues. She adopted this approach for herself, her team and her company. It is the first question she asks when she does anyone’s performance review.

This week, think about this question. Look at your calendar and take inventory of your work. How much of it is “do” versus “do and change”? Start to build a repository of all the things that you are changing (making better). You will find that not only will you be able to have a great answer in your reviews/interviews, but you will delightfully enjoy them both and alot more of what you “do”!

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