Give up the shot …

Y bballI’ve been counseling/coaching kids since college. So when I had kids of my own, I started volunteer coaching them in a myriad of sports and happy to say I am coming to the end of my time with both as I pass them onto to more seasoned coaches. I am currently coaching my son, Hunter, in basketball at the Y where kids of all levels are welcomed. The picture is our current team and you will note we have only one female. She has never played basketball and is on a team where most of the boys are quite good. In all my years coaching, I cannot recall falling in love with a team the way I have with this one. Why?

Not because they are good kids. Not because they listen to me and are coachable. Not because they play with each other well. Why? Because all the boys, without much nudging from me, have embraced her not as a weak link, but as one of their own and proactively go out of their way to help her. At our first game, we were ahead a good bit towards the end of the game. All the boys decided to try to get her the ball so that she could make a basket. The boys gave up easy baskets of their own to pass her the ball. She took several shots but did not make any. We played very well and won but that paled in comparison to how proud I was of what they tried to do for her.

The workplace is replete with people who have different skills, some better than others. This fact is not why we have dysfunctional teams. Some of the most troubled teams have all A players. This week, take a hard look at your team. What “shot” are you willing to give up to make someone else better? Do it this week and you might find it more rewarding that taking it yourself.


One response to “Give up the shot …

  1. So how does an former colleague get in touch with you?

    would love to catch up with you. No longer with Deloitte. Things have changed.

    give me a shout when you have a moment.


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