Explore the Unknown

unkownYou must subscribe to the argument that you learn and subsequently grow by finding out what you do not already know. Seems logical. After all you already know what you know. The pursuit of the unknown is therefore the real key to learning and growing. But how do you go about finding the unknown when it is … unknown? Is it possible that what you think you do not know, is in fact based on what you know, and not a true account of what is really the realm of the unknown? I think yes. Given this, substantive learning is then limited by what we know and can only be pursued by exploring sources of the unknown which in large part are from people and experiences not just slightly different than your norm, but substantially different.

A good friend of mine at my golf club recently went to a golf store and said he wanted the best clubs and price was not an issue. He bought the clubs and was having a hard time with them. So he went to a golf pro for a lesson and said that because he had the best clubs, the problem was surely in his swing. The golf pro looked at his clubs and said the shafts were too stiff for his swing speed and in fact, making his swing worse. My friend’s knowledge told him to buy the best clubs. His knowledge convinced him that the clubs were not the problem without a doubt because they were in fact, the best clubs. His own knowledge was his limiting factor in his authentic intention to improve at golf. It was not until a totally different set of view was presented that he understood what he did not know which is that those clubs, though in fact the best, were not designed for him.
This week, explore something totally different. Engage in a conversation with someone completely different from you to get their insight into what you routinely do. Find a youtube video or article or another source of knowledge that argues against your core beliefs of management and leadership, innovation and sales, growth and strategy, love and relationships. What would be the point to explore these dimensions of your being with knowledge that supports what you already know? What you will find is that the realm of unknown is infinitely larger than you imagined and a yearn to explore it. You will change, you will grow, and you will find life and work to be less boring.

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