A Hero is …you!

heroF.Scott Fitzgerald wrote: Show me a hero and I’ll write you a story of tragedy. Indeed, most over-achieving people, whether in business or athletics, find their drive in some form of inequity – either personal or one in their environment. Can a logical argument then be made that tragedy can be a source motivation? Could it also be argued that since tragedy is random (not orchestrated) in nature, then either avoiding it by not taking risks or not willing to use it when it does occur are both ways to rob yourself of a drive to live better and perform better? 

I enjoy reading autobiographies of amazing people, especially those that lived decades and even centuries ago. What would make Andreas Vesalius want to map the human anatomy in 1564 or Alexandra Graham Bell in 1849 to invent the telephone or Dr. Fleming discovering Penicillin in 1928 and so many others? Almost all these kinds of people never intended to achieve what they did – they simply took risks, refused to be limited by the thinking of their times, and it was on this journey that amazing things happened. To a person, their “drive” came from either a personal inequity or of one of their time.
To be great, you do not need a goal or even a problem to solve. You just have to be on a journey of self-discovery where you refuse to accept limits of your imagination – then you will stumble on how to leave your mark. This week, shift your focus from achieving what it is you are supposed to and instead, listen to yourself and others during tasks, and ask “What did I not think of?” Ask yourself whether the outcome was average or great? Being a hero is having the courage to ask these questions honestly, answer them honestly, and act upon them. And indeed, someone will write a story about you!

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