Emotional Speedometer

speedometerWhen driving your car, you look at your speedometer to get a measurement of how fast or slow you are driving. It’s a necessary gauge and every car has it as the primary gauge in plain sight for the driver to see easily. If the gauge were not there, you would be guessing at your car’s speed and not know when you were going above or below the speed limit. The speedometer helps you to perform within the established road speed limit. Similarly, I want you to consider adopting an EQ Speedometer – a gauge to help you monitor your emotional temperature. I’ve blogged about this before sharing the Red, Yellow and Green levels in the Emotional Speedometer where GREEN is a calm state, RED is a very agitated state and YELLOW is somewhere between the two where most of us operate.

The EQ Speedometer is depicted in the image attached. Imagine that this speedometer is with you at all times in every situation wherever you go. Before you start a meeting, or any activity, visualize this image and ask yourself where you are on the EQ Speedometer. Answer truthfully and know if your answer is YELLOW or RED, you are not going to perform at your best. Use the EQ Speedometer during your activity and use it on other people or for the environment you are in. Imagine this speedometer is in front of your eyes virtually all the time. Your strategy should be to get yourself, other people and the situation to GREEN if you want to optimize your chances of a great outcome.
This week, practice this. Use the speedometer as often as possible and especially before and during activities that require you to perform at a very high level. Not only will you FEEL better about your activities, but you are likely to also perform better.

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