Monthly Archives: February 2017

Social Media Nutrition

socail-mediaNot a stretch to argue that if you consume unhealthy foods, your body is likely to be unhealthy too. You are what you consume after all. The same could be argued with your emotional consumption habits. You are emotionally what you emotionally consume. If you surround yourself with experiences or people that are draining emotionally, you are likely to be drained and compromise your emotional health. Again, not a stretch argument either. What is worth your attention is how and what you are emotionally consuming. In this digital age, coffee shop conversations, dinners, lunches, walks with friends, etc are being replaced emotionally with social media. Whether that is good or bad is for another time to debate but make no mistake, social media has become a large part of our emotional nutrition.

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Lead or fail …

menpushing.jpgTake a look at this picture that I found in my feed last week. I am sure many of you, as have I, have seen similar ones in the past. Everyone is doing things one way and one person figures out a simpler and better way to do it. When I look at these kinds of images, I rarely think of the brilliance of that one person, as much as I wonder what it is about all the others that kept them from thinking of that smarter way. What caused them to ‘just do’ instead of thinking of a different way, or taking the time to think of a different way, or even believing there was a different way out there to be thought of. Continue reading