Lead or fail …

menpushing.jpgTake a look at this picture that I found in my feed last week. I am sure many of you, as have I, have seen similar ones in the past. Everyone is doing things one way and one person figures out a simpler and better way to do it. When I look at these kinds of images, I rarely think of the brilliance of that one person, as much as I wonder what it is about all the others that kept them from thinking of that smarter way. What caused them to ‘just do’ instead of thinking of a different way, or taking the time to think of a different way, or even believing there was a different way out there to be thought of.

This week, take inventory of the top 10 activities you most frequently perform or that consume the most amount of time and energy for you each day. Are you doing them the same way that you did them a year ago? Are you doing it the same way most folks are doing it? If so, you are not improving and innovating. You are not growing and in fact, have put yourself at risk of someone else to come along and present that simpler and better way of doing it. As a leader, you should be asking your folks these same questions to assess their development and your team’s risk. You must have a plan to brainstorm constantly, allow for silly ideas even if they aren’t feasible, and ponder the possibility of your competitor doing what you do better. You will find this kind of approach not only healthy from a business perspective, but incredibly emotionally empowering and rewarding as well – an approach that bears multiple fruits.

One response to “Lead or fail …

  1. Hey Izzy! Great article.

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