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I see GREEN people

coloredpeopleI had a wonderful conversation with a wonderful friend last week. At about the two hour mark, I got asked how it is that I assess people I meet. I have been asked that question before by others and myself. The process has evolved over the years. Continue reading

Employee Satisfaction

EmployeeJobI read a very interesting study last week on employee satisfaction surveys. These are surveys that organizations use to assess the overall satisfaction and engagement of employees. The data is often used to make important decisions by leadership regarding leadership behavior and values, employee work place rewards and perks, and sometimes used by external organizations as a metric for a “best place to work” for. Continue reading

Fear Not


officespaceIf you have bought or sold a home in the past 5 years or so, then you are familiar the concept of virtual tours of homes. For example, your realtor might send you a link to a home that, from the convenience of wherever in the world you are, you can tour that actual home via a real video walk-through.  You can imagine the countless hours and weekend time this new method has saved all parties. Continue reading

Visualize Past Success

visualizeIt is often implied when using the term visualization that you are referring to the future. You are often told to visualize success, or a goal, or a desired outcome before it has happened. There are so many good quotes out there from inspiring people on the power of dreaming about something better in the future. This is all good. Continue reading

Defensive or Offensive Career?

Offense-DefenseI had lunch recently with a friend in a career transition mode. I am no career coach and this topic was not the subject of our lunch, but my EQ instincts convinced me that irrespective of what the formal agenda was, his next career move was top of mind to him and nothing else we would discuss would really be of any substance. So I asked him what it is he wanted to do moving forward. He shared a very insightful point of view on his career. Continue reading

Learn to Unlearn

I’ve blogged about this topic before but events from last week prompted me to address it again. I had lunch with another CEO and he mentioned hiring a new COO. To give this some context, the CEO is a founder and has had terrible luck over the past few years hiring senior level executives. So why did he hire this guy? He said to me,”The guy said to me the only thing he had mastered in almost 30 years of experience was the art of learning.” He went on to explain to me how the COO walked him through how he learns, with a respectful disregard to what he had already learned or mastered. Continue reading


Last week I had a healthy discussion with the President of my alma mater. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that “entrepreneurship” is being considered as part of academia and is considered a skill set that undergraduates can be taught. Continue reading

Higher Ups Lose Leadership Capacity

I had a wonderful conversation with a client and friend last week – Jane.  She attention a session in the Northeast with David Rock. He had shared the notion that as the higher-up working professional progress in their career, the lesser their leadership capacity becomes. This seems very counter-intuitive at first pass. Continue reading

Who are your benchmarks?

I have a young son, Hunter, and a young daughter, Lexi. They are very healthy, and other than acting their age, both are great kids. This weekend, I applauded my son for a good behavior he exhibited. His response surprised me – he asked, ”Did I do better than Lexi?”  I was surprised that he could not take a compliment, and even worse, his sense of accomplishment was based on how someone else did. Continue reading

Biography Leads to Biology

I was in Yoga class this past weekend and overhead this phrase, “biography leads to biology.” It struck a chord with me and many of the discussions I’ve shared.   Continue reading

Talent War… Here it Comes (Again)

I have written about this before and even predicted this but the war for talent has begun. Granted, it is in its infancy and not yet in full swing, but I’ve talked to several recruiting firms and organizations who are beginning to look for talent to fill the void of massive layoffs. In addition, they are searching for meaningful ways to retain existing talent.  Continue reading


Last week, I had the pleasure of hosting Lance Secretan for a 30 minute interview. The key message was to lead by inspiring yourself and as a by-product of that, you inspire others. At first glance, this appears as not very insightful; a headline which has previously appeared on many books and articles. Continue reading

High Class Problems

Years ago, I went to my boss and shared with him a serious problem we were having with our business. It was the kind of problem that comes with growth and success. I was literally stunned by his initial reaction. My boss said to me, “This is the kind of problem we want to have… I call it a High Class Problem.” He then proceeded to tell me that one of the best ways to be highly engaged and excited about your work is to solve high class problems.
Continue reading

No More IDPs


So how much fun do you have with your IDPs or ADPs (Individual or Annual Development Plans)? You know, the ones you have to fill out, schedule time with your boss, and then review. Most people report that these sessions are either very non-chalantly orchestrated or emotionally draining for both sides as development areas begin to be discussed and skeletons from months ago surface. Let me propose a solution – get rid of them. Continue reading

The Future – Did You Know?

A great video I often use when speaking at conferences and seminars:

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