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EPowerment Principle #5: Multi-mode Learning

multi-mode-learningI have received great feedback from many of you the past few weeks – it was been a wonderful collaboration. I am thrilled to share the final Learning Principle for EPowerment — that state of empowerment engineered by high levels of EQ enabled by real-time access to new people, new communities, and new knowledge sources. The 5th Principle is Multi-Mode Learning.

What I mean by this is that when you show up at work on a Monday morning, the best way for you to learn at that time may be to read an article. On Tuesday morning, it may be to talk to someone. On Wednesday, it may be to watch a video. Continue reading

EPowerment Principle #4: Mentoring

mentoringOf the three previous blogs on the five learning principles for EPowerment – this one is likely to generate some divergent perspectives. A couple of qualifiers up front – EPowerment, the amalgam of Empowerment, Emotional Intelligence, and leveraging the E-world, is the idea of disseminating decision-making down the proverbial hierarchy so that good and real-time decisions are made by people most close to customers, clients, vendors, suppliers and other stakeholders. In order for this to happen, those on the front lines have to feel like they are all the tools and resources necessary to make those decisions so that wheels are not reinvented, mistakes are not duplicated and best practices are employed. Our 4th learning principle is mentoring – and I define it in the very classical sense of the term acknowledging that there are a myriad of models of mentoring and coaching. The classical model is to learn from someone who has literally done what it is that you are trying to do. Hundreds of years ago if you wanted to be a carpenter, who did you learn from? A carpenter of course. You would hardly go to the town mayor or the blacksmith no matter how old or wise they were to learn carpentry. Continue reading

EPowerment Principle #3: Outcome-Based Learning

company-challenge-puzzle-pieceThis week, I want to discuss the third learning principle to achieving EPowerment – that elusive state of empowerment with high emotional intelligence (EQpowerment) enabled by real-time learning. The principle is Outcome-Based Learning.

I have always been a fan of continuous learning – the notion that we learn each day and are open to new and divergent ideas and perspectives. There is overwhelming research showing that those of us that capture new skills perpetually are not only are more productive at work but significantly happier in life. The continuous learning model keeps boredom away and competition at bay, so goes the theory. Continue reading

EPowerment Principle #2: Emotional Safety

emotional-safetyLast week I presented the first of the five principles to achieve EPowerment (empowerment through EQ, enabled by the e-connections that allow for unprecedented 24/7 access to new people, new communities, and new knowledge sources – any combination of which can foster truly never-before-seen levels of empowerment). The first learning principle to achieve this was the Extended Learning Model. The second one is Emotional Safety. Continue reading