Monthly Archives: May 2012

The Value of Learning

Just saw the following in an alert from HBR:

Employer-provided training has the same effect on job satisfaction as a 17.7% net wage increase, according to a study of nearly 5,000 workers in Spain by Santiago Budría of the University of Madeira. Other studies showing low productivity gains from training are overlooking the subjective benefits of on-the-job learning, Budría suggests. Continue reading

Olympic Pressure

I spent part of last week with a small group of athletes trying to qualify for the Summer Olympics in London. These are the final days of competition, often with current training partners and future teammates. My topic was “The Role of Emotions in Performance” and I got to talk to many athletes for several hours prior to my presentation. Everyone seemed to be looking for that one nugget that might help shape their thinking in these last few days before knowing whether they’ve made the team or not. Continue reading