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Formal learning, or institutional learning, which is the idea of learning formally from a designated, certified teacher in some kind of a structured format (e.g., schools, conferences, workshops, speakers, webinars, etc.) is a relatively new concept of learning. It’s only about 150-200 years old. Prior to that and since the advent of time, the oldest and quite possibly the most effective way of learning we human beings have used, has been mentoring. Hundreds of years ago, for example, if one wanted to be a carpenter, one would find someone in their town/village or someplace nearby and learn from them. In most cases, these apprenticeship models had no time frame … it was not limited to a semester or year or four years. Continue reading

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HRProfessionalsWebinar_circlecroppedeqm296x195Event-based learning models have not yielded the success they promised. All kinds of successful and newer “extended” learning models are driving the wave of the future. Come and learn how.

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